Inspection Gauges & Fixtures

We have been designing, building, repairing and certifying gauges, jigs and fixtures since the 60’s. Both SPC and Attribute inspection gauges to check form, hole location, hole size, trim edge, run-out and weldment location. We are experienced with stamped parts, injection molded parts, machined parts, and cast parts for most industries.

Inspection Gages

We build mostly Aluminum Inspection gauges with hardened steel nets, pins and bushings. Gauges are built to your standards and can be either full-form or periphery check gauges using Attribute Go/no Go feelers or SPC data collection devices.

Custom gauges are designed and manufactured to individual part and customer specifications:

  • Attribute Gauges
  • SPC Gauges
  • Go-NoGo Gauges
  • Weldment Gauges
  • Detail Gauges
  • Assembly Gauges


Our CAD department can accept your data from a number of CAD system files such as: Solid Works, AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop and CATIA V5. File formats include IGS, DXF, as well as several others. If you do not have a gauge design we can create a concept or design from the part data that you provide.

Repair & Changes

We will make repairs or changes to your existing gauge or fixture whether built by us or someone else. Over the years we have worked on many gauges that were built elsewhere.

Holding Jigs & Fixtures

Jigs and fixtures for CMM tables or welding tables, as well as jigs & fixtures for assembly line pallet systems.

Jigs and fixtures services including:

  • CMM Fixtures
  • Weld Fixtures
  • Assembly Fixtures
  • Pull Test Fixtures

CMM Inspection Services

We CMM certify all of our work and provide layout reports for such. We will also layout an existing gauge you may have, whether built by us or someone else. From time to time we get asked to layout actual parts and do so depending on time.

CMM (Coordinate Measure Machine) inspection services for part measurement and third party layout:

  • Gage Layouts
  • Gage Recertifications
  • Third Party Layouts
  • Part Layouts