Inspection Gauges

Attribute Gages

If you are looking for an attribute inspection gauge, Kemco offers a variety of options. Our gauges provide our customers the perfect solution for whatever their needs are.

  • Form checks can be either full form checks or just periphery checks, both of these options use go-nogo feelers for pass or fail checks.
  • Trim checks can be either min/max scribe or grooved checks, or feeler checks with go-nogo feelers for pass or fail checks.
  • For hole size and hole location checks we offer hole size go-nogo gauges along with tolerance pins.

SPC Gages

SPC data collection can be added to any Attribute Gauge that we offer. With the simple addition of bushings to accept the data collection device of your choice, SPC can be collected on form, trim or hole locations. Your options include: a fixed dial Indicator, a dial indicator that gets shared from position to position or an electronic collection device.

Detail or Assembly Gages

Some gauges are built strictly to be used to check a detail part and some gauges are built to check an assembled part or weldment. In some cases, a gauge can be built to check a detail part as well as re-check the same part after another component or fasteners have been added, utilizing one gauge for both the detail and the assembly.